Questions To Ask Before Filing A Divorce

By on 6-02-2016 in Divorce

When a marriage does not work out, the usual thing that comes to the minds of couples is to file a divorce. Little do they know that such process can be difficult and messy. Forthworth divorce attorneys will tell you that ending a marriage can be a complicated and emotionally charged experience. Deciding to end a marriage should be given careful thought. Whatever your decision will be can have a wide range of repercussions especially if you have children.

For marriages that are on the rocks, filing for a divorce should be the last option. It should only be made after weighing all options. By consulting an Ocean County divorce attorney, you will realize that divorce requires balancing the best interest of your family and children and protecting personal interest. Before filing for a divorce, there are certain things that you have to contemplate about.

1. Do you still love your partner?

Many people who are filing for a divorce still have a strong love for their partner but are just struggling with their relationship. If there is still love for your spouse, try to work out the relationship first before deciding to end it. At the end of it all, you may find yourself in a much worst position after the divorce than you are now.

2. Did the marriage really exist?

Yes, you may be married on paper but did that marriage involve an “us” or “we.” When you get into marriage, any decision should be a collective one. No longer should it be “Do I want to do this or that?” but rather “Is this good for us?” If there never was a “we” in your relationship, then give yourself time to learn how to do that.

3. Is the divorce for real or just a threat?

In most cases, the decision to divorce was made in the heat of an argument for the following reasons:

  • Anger and frustration
  • To make the other spouse see things the way you see them
  • To make them see your seriousness for a real change
  • To make your spouse realize that the marriage is in trouble

On the other hand, if the decision was for real and that you are ready to part ways with your spouse, then filing a divorce is one way to have some peace of mind knowing that you did your best to save the relationship.

4. Was the decision sincere or based on emotions?

As mentioned above, your decision should not be done during a heated emotional outburst. Such decisions are short lived and would not resolve the conflict at hand. Likewise, you could still feel some anger on your ex-spouse after the divorce is over.

Ending a marriage is never easy. There are many people who will be affected. If possible, try to work out the marriage. There is nothing that a good talk can resolve.

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