Interesting Prom Venues

By on 8-02-2017 in Social Events

Prom is one of those nights your students want to remember. One of the factors you can consider to make the event more memorable is the venue. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the typical school gym and function room, but it is not bad to think about other settings either.


Aquariums are not just for family quality times, school fieldtrips, and dates, as they can also be used for proms. Many aquariums have wide spaces in them that can accommodate social events, including proms. The best thing about the peculiar combination of aquariums and proms is that it is exotic. The students can have a good time not just with their dates and friends, but also with marine life, not to mention the beautiful aesthetics that can result from water, lights, and certain marine life like jellyfish.


If you don’t feel the exotic and mysterious traits of aquariums, you can go for the green and lush traits of botanical gardens. The best traits of gardens involve color and smell. Gardens are not just green, because that would be quite boring because of too much consistency. In fact, gardens have a variety of colors because of their variety of flowers. The sweet smell of these flowers should also not be ignored, because they add to the general atmosphere and feel of the social event.


Hotels have ballrooms that are much bigger that your school’s function hall. These rooms are also often highly decorated and exquisitely lit, creating a luxurious atmosphere that a school’s function hall can’t fully pull off. This feel of luxury can give students a unique experience, not to mention that it will match their formal attires, so they will feel like they belong.


According to the website of the Anita Dee Yacht Charters, yachts are already being customized to be used as venues for social events, like birthday parties, weddings, and most of all, proms and post proms. Yes, your prom venue doesn’t necessarily have to be stationary. It can be a moving vessel in the water. This is exotic in its own way, and you can even make the event more scenic because of sunsets, fireworks, and the bright lights of the city as you and your students traverse water at night.

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