Management Owe Their Employees A Safe Workplace

By on 6-03-2016 in Construction Site Dangers, Personal Injury

Keeping construction sites safe and conducive for employees is a responsibility of the management. Workers have the assumption that when they get into their respective cubicles, they will be doing their tasks safely. Unfortunately, according to the website of Scudder Seguin, PLLC, workplace accidents are still bound to happen from time to time. Figures from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration revealed that 874 out of 4,251 workplace deaths in 2014 came from the construction industry or 1 in 5 deaths.

New York City construction accident lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP revealed that construction sites are extreme dangerous and accidents can happen suddenly without warning. For this reason, it is important to put in place safety practices to ensure the protection of construction workers. Here are some tips on ensuring a conducive working environment for workers.

1. Make employees wear protective gear

This is a policy that should be implemented to the letter. No ifs no buts. It should apply to everyone from management down to the maintenance staff. This means that everyone should be wearing reflective vests, hard hats, or safety goggles.

2. Provide safety training

It is not enough to have safety policies. Workers should be made aware and given proper training about these policies. In the first place, how will they be able to work safely and they themselves do not know what a safe workplace is all about. If you do not have your own training department, there are many companies that can help provide the training on your behalf.

3. Post warning signs to hazard areas

In the course of performing their job responsibilities, there is a chance that workers might forget where the site hazards are located. Management should therefore place proper signage to keep the site safe and workers informed about danger areas.

4. Maintain cleanliness in the site

Part of having a safe and conducive environment is cleanliness. How can you promote safety in the construction site if you have dirty bathrooms in the canteen or dirty and cluttered job site? You can assign a maintenance team to ensure that the construction site is clean and tidy.

A safe and conducive working environment can contribute to having highly motivated and happy workers. When they are satisfied with their working environment, everything else follows.