The Different Shades of Divorce

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It’s often the case that people heading for a divorce don’t actually know much about the process. Little light is shed on the subject by those who have been through the experience (often, the subject is a touchy one for people), and popular culture tends to highlight the salacious elements of a divorce (accusations of infidelity, for instance, or fights over child custody) without showing the actual process in full.

Since so many people get divorced every year, it’s odd that so little is often known about the process.

One important element of divorce is that not all divorces aren’t the same. In fact, divorces exist on a spectrum, from the most amicable, easily handled cases to very bitter cases that can drag on and be quite traumatic.

There are actually different forms of divorce to accommodate this spectrum. On the amicable end, there are uncontested divorces, in which lawyers are brought really just to make sure the process is followed properly. The details of the divorce have already been agreed to by both parties, and so there is no fighting it out necessary. Everyone knows who gets the house and who has custody of the kids.

On the other end of the spectrum, contested divorces are the kind usually seen on TV and in the movies, where a judge is required in order to decide issues that the two parties can’t agree to on their own. If both people want the house and the kids, then someone else has to be brought in to make the decision for everyone.

Between these two extremes is a third type of divorce: the collaborative divorce. This is perhaps the least well-known type of divorce. Again, while contested divorces make good TV, and uncontested divorces are quite common, the collaborative divorce rarely gets much publicity.

As this law firm explains, a collaborative divorce is one in which the issues have not been hashed out yet, but both sides want to work together to find a solution.

That means all information is shared between the two sides instead of requiring people to sneak around and find out information.

For those who can’t quite agree on who gets the house and how the custody will work with the kids, but who both think both parties want whats best and a deal can be reached, this type of divorce can work well. As an added benefit, it tends to speed up the proceedings and lower costs.

As you can see from the above points, there’s a lot of nuance to divorce, with different types of divorce available for different types of divorces. Just as every couple is unique and the break up of every couple is unique, the law has accommodated these various shades of divorce out there.

Remember that no particular type of divorce is better or worse than the others, and no particular type shows that you are a better or worse person or that you have certain types of feelings towards your soon-to-be-ex. Just choose the type that works best for you.

How much is a life worth?

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There’s no price to be put on a human life, at least, not in normal circumstances. Life may, while it is being lived, be absolutely priceless, but death, in some circumstances, can have a definite value.

What I’m talking about is wrongful death, in which some party is responsible for the death of an individual, and a lawsuit has to put a price on that victim’s life.

It seems a rather grisly business, but it is an important one. After all, it seems to be common sense that a family should be taken care of after a tragedy, and one way to look at that is to consider how much money that lost individual would have provided for the family.

Let’s say it’s the family’s major breadwinner who is killed at work because of faulty machinery. If that breadwinner happens to be young, with a young family, his or her death isn’t just a personal tragedy, but a micro-economic tragedy as well. That family is owed the money which has been, in a way, robbed of them.

In fact, there are even more economic reasons to compensate the family. According to Resmini Law, there could also be medical expenses and funeral services to consider.

Beyond that, apparently, families can be compensated for the pain of losing someone. How that is calculated seems tricky to me, but such valuations are regularly made and include the loss of companionship and the loss of guidance to the family.

Exactly how much all of this adds up to is entirely based on the circumstances of the victim and their family. If it is that young breadwinner and that breadwinner made a decent salary and kept the family going, then that family probably is getting a large payday, in the millions. If the victim is older, makes less, and that income wasn’t essential to the family, it could be smaller.

Other factors have to be considered as well, like how responsible was the other party for the death? Only a little, only slightly, or could the entire situation have been avoided if that other party had done something differently?

I’ve had trouble finding out how much the average settlement for a wrongful death suit actually is, but it apparently runs from quite small amounts of money into the millions. My guess would be a trend toward that higher figure.

Regardless, though these suits seem reasonable on some level and important for society, they still seem rather grisly, as I said above. They must be quite painful for the families involved. After all, there may be a value placed on a particular death by a lawyer or a court, but to them, that life was still priceless, and once it’s lost, it’s still lost.

Navigating Work-Related Injuries

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We go to work to do a job, complete a task, and further our careers. No one ever expects to go to work and leave with a life-changing injury, or even worse, not come back at all. While your job prepares you with training and safety instructions, accidents can happen, and most of the time, they are not your fault. And even if you can attribute the accident to your own wrongdoing, you might be surprised at how the company can still be at fault.

A woman working for Botanical Food Company suffered from a work-related injury this July of 2017. The woman lost the tips of her index finger and middle finger in this accident. The incident occurred when the tube-filling machine she was working with produced a gap in the production line. The woman saw the gap and wanted to catch up on their slow morning and stuck her fingers in the machine to speed things along and reduce the gap. The woman claims that she did not think of a possible injury that could result from her actions. According to a report on the incident from The Chronicle, even though the company did not exhibit any reckless behavior, they “pleaded guilty to failing to comply with its health and safety duty.”

Even though the woman had been working with this same machine for over 100 hours, it was modified in 2008 and was now lacking a safety guard that would have automatically stopped the machine, rather than remain running while her fingers were inside. The woman admitted to her own foolish behavior, but regardless, the problem could have been avoided. The company was fined with $35,000, and the machine was promptly fixed after the incident.

Just like in this scenario, Williams Kherkher makes note that you can be eligible for compensation, even if the accident was caused by your own actions. It is common for workers to ignore their work-related injuries, but there is actually compensation waiting for you if you take legal actions. The company you work for will try anything to avoid a lawsuit and negative publicity, so you need to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of, and the best way to do that is by hiring a lawyer.

Immediacy is an important factor in your case. While the wounds are still fresh (literally) make sure to record the injuries you receive and take good account into the exact implications of how it happened. Sometimes your company will try to downplay your injuries, or send you to doctors who will under-diagnose you, it is important to go to a doctor that you trust. Often, your injuries can inhibit your ability to work and provide for your family, so it is important to get the compensation you deserve. The more experience your lawyers have, the more precedents they can use in favor of your case. Don’t let your company take advantage of you, or try to persuade you not to take legal action. If you were hurt on the job, no matter who is at fault, there is always some action to be taken.

Interesting Prom Venues

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Prom is one of those nights your students want to remember. One of the factors you can consider to make the event more memorable is the venue. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the typical school gym and function room, but it is not bad to think about other settings either.


Aquariums are not just for family quality times, school fieldtrips, and dates, as they can also be used for proms. Many aquariums have wide spaces in them that can accommodate social events, including proms. The best thing about the peculiar combination of aquariums and proms is that it is exotic. The students can have a good time not just with their dates and friends, but also with marine life, not to mention the beautiful aesthetics that can result from water, lights, and certain marine life like jellyfish.


If you don’t feel the exotic and mysterious traits of aquariums, you can go for the green and lush traits of botanical gardens. The best traits of gardens involve color and smell. Gardens are not just green, because that would be quite boring because of too much consistency. In fact, gardens have a variety of colors because of their variety of flowers. The sweet smell of these flowers should also not be ignored, because they add to the general atmosphere and feel of the social event.


Hotels have ballrooms that are much bigger that your school’s function hall. These rooms are also often highly decorated and exquisitely lit, creating a luxurious atmosphere that a school’s function hall can’t fully pull off. This feel of luxury can give students a unique experience, not to mention that it will match their formal attires, so they will feel like they belong.


According to the website of the Anita Dee Yacht Charters, yachts are already being customized to be used as venues for social events, like birthday parties, weddings, and most of all, proms and post proms. Yes, your prom venue doesn’t necessarily have to be stationary. It can be a moving vessel in the water. This is exotic in its own way, and you can even make the event more scenic because of sunsets, fireworks, and the bright lights of the city as you and your students traverse water at night.

There are Things that You can Do if You were Injured in a Car Accident because of Another Party’s Recklessness or Negligence

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Traffic authorities and professional bikers agree that the safest way to ride a bike is by being part of the traffic rather than by riding on the right edge of the road, very close to the gravel shoulder, as this may be covered with sand or other debris that can cause a biker to fall.

With the number of individuals riding a bike for morning exercise, to run an errand or head down to work increasing continuously, the above information can be a life saver. Equally important with the above information, professional bikers also share the following:

  • When riding a bike, one should blend into the flow of the traffic;
  • One should never zigzag along roads, go from street to sidewalk or weave between parked cars (this means bikers should never make their own road rules, otherwise, in the event of an accident, they may lose their right from receiving compensation as the accident would be due to their own acts of negligence and irresponsibility);
  • Ride on the right side of the street, at least three to four feet from the gravel shoulder. Along this path, other drivers, even pedestrians, will easily see you. Traffic is also slower at the right side of the road, so this will be a safer path, than at the left, where vehicles run faster;
  • Ride, at least, three feet away from cars parked at the side of the street. This is will keep you safe from car doors suddenly being opened or from cars starting and trying to merge back into the flow of traffic;
  • When riding downhill and your bike begins to run as fast as cars, ride in line with them. Pull a bit to the right, when you begin to fall behind and, when passing a car, make sure that you pass on its left side; a driver normally expects to be passed on its left side; and,
  • At a red light or at stop signs, stop behind cars that are already stopped and waiting for the green light. Never stop at its right side (especially if it’s a truck) as it may crush you if it makes a right turn.

Bikers, especially those who ride at night, need to observe many other precautions. But there is no safer and smoother way ever to ride than by observing traffic safety rules and riding with the flow of the traffic. If ever an accident occurs, your personal injury lawyer may be able to fight for your rights and earn for you the maximum compensation that the law allows if you rode this way since this can be a guarantee that you were not at fault in the accident that occurred.

Accessing the web address,, will take you to a law firm that says personal injury lawyers “know just how devastating the effects of a car accident can be for all those involved. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in serious injuries, ongoing pain and suffering, and significant property damage, leaving accident victims with serious emotional, psychological, and financial burdens. To make matters worse, those who have to contend with these serious side effects often did nothing to cause the accident in question.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do if you were injured in a car accident because of another party’s recklessness or negligence. Filing a car accident lawsuit may be able to help you secure the financial compensation you need to pay for the financial costs of your accident.”

The law firm Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, likewise says, “The kind of medical and rehabilitative care that bicycle accident victims often need to recover from their injuries can impose serious financial burdens on victims and their families. It is with this in mind that personal injury lawyers recommend victims reach out to an attorney as soon after the accident as they are able. They can help you defend your rights as a cyclist and fight for compensation.”