There are Things that You can Do if You were Injured in a Car Accident because of Another Party’s Recklessness or Negligence

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Traffic authorities and professional bikers agree that the safest way to ride a bike is by being part of the traffic rather than by riding on the right edge of the road, very close to the gravel shoulder, as this may be covered with sand or other debris that can cause a biker to fall.

With the number of individuals riding a bike for morning exercise, to run an errand or head down to work increasing continuously, the above information can be a life saver. Equally important with the above information, professional bikers also share the following:

  • When riding a bike, one should blend into the flow of the traffic;
  • One should never zigzag along roads, go from street to sidewalk or weave between parked cars (this means bikers should never make their own road rules, otherwise, in the event of an accident, they may lose their right from receiving compensation as the accident would be due to their own acts of negligence and irresponsibility);
  • Ride on the right side of the street, at least three to four feet from the gravel shoulder. Along this path, other drivers, even pedestrians, will easily see you. Traffic is also slower at the right side of the road, so this will be a safer path, than at the left, where vehicles run faster;
  • Ride, at least, three feet away from cars parked at the side of the street. This is will keep you safe from car doors suddenly being opened or from cars starting and trying to merge back into the flow of traffic;
  • When riding downhill and your bike begins to run as fast as cars, ride in line with them. Pull a bit to the right, when you begin to fall behind and, when passing a car, make sure that you pass on its left side; a driver normally expects to be passed on its left side; and,
  • At a red light or at stop signs, stop behind cars that are already stopped and waiting for the green light. Never stop at its right side (especially if it’s a truck) as it may crush you if it makes a right turn.

Bikers, especially those who ride at night, need to observe many other precautions. But there is no safer and smoother way ever to ride than by observing traffic safety rules and riding with the flow of the traffic. If ever an accident occurs, your personal injury lawyer may be able to fight for your rights and earn for you the maximum compensation that the law allows if you rode this way since this can be a guarantee that you were not at fault in the accident that occurred.

Accessing the web address,, will take you to a law firm that says personal injury lawyers “know just how devastating the effects of a car accident can be for all those involved. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in serious injuries, ongoing pain and suffering, and significant property damage, leaving accident victims with serious emotional, psychological, and financial burdens. To make matters worse, those who have to contend with these serious side effects often did nothing to cause the accident in question.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do if you were injured in a car accident because of another party’s recklessness or negligence. Filing a car accident lawsuit may be able to help you secure the financial compensation you need to pay for the financial costs of your accident.”

The law firm Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, likewise says, “The kind of medical and rehabilitative care that bicycle accident victims often need to recover from their injuries can impose serious financial burdens on victims and their families. It is with this in mind that personal injury lawyers recommend victims reach out to an attorney as soon after the accident as they are able. They can help you defend your rights as a cyclist and fight for compensation.”


Defective Child Car Seats

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Children are some of the most vulnerable members of society. They are physically and mentally limited, putting them at greater risk of abuse and accidents. As the adult, you have the responsibility to make sure that the young people around you are on safe spaces.

A common cause of injuries among children is defective child car seats. These devices are made to serve as a restraint and a protective vessel, protecting children from injuries that can be sustained from car accidents and other potentially traumatic events. According to the website of the defective car seat attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, negligent car seat manufacturers may be held liable for selling defective products.

Common defects
Improper restraining capability: Car seats have latches and buckles that work together to properly restrain a child. If these materials have defects that compromise their effectiveness, the child may be in danger of unwarranted ejections during accidents.

Defective adjusters: Restraining a child is useless if the straps are too loose, as the child may still be ejected. If the straps are too tight, the child may be injured or may be difficult to rescue in emergency situations.

Manufacturing defects: Defective car seat parts, such as handles, shells, cushions, and frames, and the use of flammable materials can also compromise the functionality and comfort of child car seats.

Common injuries
Head or brain trauma: If a child is not restrained properly, he or she may hit a hard surface or get ejected. The child may sustain injuries to the head, or worse, to the brain. These kinds of injuries have the capability to limit cognitive and sensory functions.

Neck and back problems: The sudden jolt of a vehicle may cause whiplash, or a strain to the neck. It may also cause back injuries. The worst back injuries involve the spinal cord, potentially leading to the partial or total loss of sensory and motor functions of the limbs.

Chest injuries: Improper adjustment of straps can lead to injuries to the chest area, especially during the jolt on an accident. The stress from the impact can cause problems to the shoulders, chest, and ribs.

Types and Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 5.3 million people in the U.S. who are suffering from disabilities due to traumatic brain injury (TBI). Every year, about 185,000 are added to their number, while another 50,000 die. TBI is, actually, a major cause of death and disability in the U.S. and in the rest of the world.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), also called intracranial injury, refers to any type of injury occurring in the brain. It is the result of an external force (a violent blow or jolt to the head) that traumatically injures the brain or which causes brain dysfunction. The three major roots of this external force are motor vehicle accident, falls, gunshot wound and violence.

Traumatic brain injury has many types. These include:

Concussion. The most common type of traumatic brain injury, concussion occurs when the blood vessels in the brain are stretched and cranial nerves are damaged. Its causes include trauma to the brain due to gunshot wounds, a car accident resulting to a whiplash injury, and violent shaking of the head.

Contusion. A contusion is bruising and swelling that affects the tissue of the brain. This injury is usually sustained in car accidents, when the head hits apart of the vehicle, like the steering wheel or an airbag. Among younger individuals, this injury is mostly sports related. Depending on its severity, the symptoms of brain contusion include loss of consciousness that lasts from a few minutes to an hour or longer, immobilizing headaches, insomnia, loss of memory, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, trouble speaking and, if left untreated changes in attitude and behavior.

Coup-Contrecoup Injury. This injury occurs when, due to the force impact to the head, the brain is slammed into the opposite side of the skull, causing the additional contusion.

Diffuse Axonal Injury. This injury is also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome or Abusive head trauma (AHT). Its cause, which includes strong shaking of the head, results to the tearing of brain nerve tissues. This disturbance in the brain can lead to brain damage or death.

Locked in Syndrome. This rare neurological condition, which usually results from a stroke, damages part of the brainstem. In this type of injury, a person remains conscious, however, his/her body and most of the facial muscles, except the eyes, are paralyzed.

Penetrating Injury. Also called open head injury, a penetrating injury occurs when a sharp object, like a bullet, enters the brain and causes a wide area of damage. Penetrating injuries are serious medical emergencies; these can cause either permanent disability or death.

Acquired Brain Injury. This injury to the brain occurs after birth.

Brain injuries require intensive emergency treatment, prolonged medical care or both; it can deplete family resources and savings. Many times, however, accidents resulting to TBI are due to someone else’s actions or failure to act in accordance to what is expected of him/her.

These acts of negligence are the bases of tort suits wherein victims or their families seek compensation for their injured loved one.

As mentioned in the website of Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, so much is at stake in the outcome of lawsuits that seek compensation to the damages suffered by victims and their families. While nothing will undo the harm done to victims, the compensation will help see to their proper caring, treatment and continuous medication.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Staff Requirements?

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Over the years, outsourcing has become a major trend in the human resources sector. It is the practice of sending certain job functions to a service provider rather than in-house. In cases when a business does not have the ability to manage all aspects of their business process by themselves, their option is to pass on the job of filling up certain positions in their organization to an outsourcing company.

The idea of outsourcing business functions to another company started in the 1970’s and 1980’s when organizations started to realize that diversification had started to blow up their management structures. In addition, these companies had started to lose their flexibility. As a result, many companies started to consider outsourcing. However, it was not until the early 1990’s, when the practice began to pick up.

As many companies started to see the value of the practice, there is now a proliferation of many outsourcing companies like Pinoy Partners Outsourcing Center Inc to help them with their business requirements. So how can organizations benefit from outsourcing their business functions? Here is a rundown of the benefits:

1. Focus on Core Activities

With outsourcing, companies can now focus on strengthening their core business activities while letting the service provider handle other processes such as back-office. By outsourcing activities, the organization can spend more time on important business functions without sacrificing the quality of back-office operations.

2. Cost Efficiency

Hiring in-house personnel can be costly for an organization. However, by outsourcing, recruitment and operational expenses can be greatly reduced. It is the outsourcing company who will do the recruiting on behalf of your company.

3. Risk-sharing

High employee turnover can increase uncertainty and inconsistency to your operations. While giving your business continuity, the outsourcing company can be instrumental in reducing the risks associated with substandard levels of operation. In addition, the outsourcing company is a specialist thus helping improve risk-mitigating factors.

4. Staffing Flexibility

If your company has seasonal or cyclical demands, the outsourcing company can help fill up the additional staff whenever you need them and release them when you are done.

5. Swiftness and Expertise

Outsourcing companies have people who are experts in their respective fields. For this reason, the task can be accomplished faster and with a better quality output.

How To Get Your Property Back From A Wrongful Closure Claim

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A real estate property can be a valuable asset to any individual. It is the product of their hardwork, sacrifices, and savings. It can help provide your family with shelter and protection from natural forces such as the snow or rain. But when your property was foreclosed for the wrong reasons, you can make the bank or financial institution responsible for their mistake and get back your property.

Wrongful foreclosure is one of the most difficult processes any homeowner can go through. The good news is that you can hold the lender responsible for the mistake they committed in accidentally foreclosing your property. There are many issues that can contribute to a property becoming illegally foreclosed (Click here to learn more). Meanwhile as you aim to get back your property, here are some steps you can take to strengthen your chances of winning:

1. Put everything in black and white

Yelena Gurevich of the Consumer Action Law Group recommends documenting everything. She suggests noting down the names of people in the bank or lending institution that you communicate with, their dates, and official letters from the lender. By documenting everything, you can back up your monetary claims and help in the assessment of property damage.

2. Exercise your rights

When your property has been illegally foreclosed, you can exercise your legal rights to file a claim against the bank or lender involved in wrongful closure. If you were immediately evicted from the house they illegally foreclosed, you can request for a preliminary injunction, claim monetary damages, or get your property back.

3. Call the lender

By calling the lending company, you will be able to clear the situation up. Just bear in mind that they are just doing their job and that there must have been some form of miscommunication along the way. If so, you can seek reparations from the lender itself and try to rectify the mistake.

4. Get legal help

If you cannot fix the situation yourself, this is the time to get help from a real estate lawyer. The attorney then will know what to do with the situation and if necessary, file the corresponding case on your behalf.

An illegal foreclosure can cause difficulties and frustrations on your part. The good news is that you can get back your property and make the bank and lender pay for any inconveniences they have caused you.